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Why The Cross ?

There is nothing in the world more controversial than the Cross. To some it is altogether contemptible, to others it is altogether Glorious!!!          

 Many ask, either verbally or more often silently in their hearts, "Why the cross?" Often this is a question even for believers. Many will say, "Jesus died once for all sins, He has risen. Let's go ahead and live in victory and not look back. Don't put Him back on the cross." May I share what the Lord has taught me?           

If I want Jesus as my Savior, I must also accept Him as my Lord. If I accept Him as my Lord, I must be willing to follow Him, to want to become more like Him, to enter into His sufferings and to be willing to live for Him as He has died for me. To become more "like Jesus" means to accept Him in all areas of my life. To accept Him means to also accept the Cross.           

The Cross stands as both a reminder and a witness of what Christ did for me and what I'm called to do for Him. If I am neither ashamed nor afraid of this call, I, too, can be freed through the Cross. Ever since Jesus willingly gave up His last breath in the flesh, the Cross has stood as a solitary witness that points all to the Father and to life and calls each of us to turn from our own sinful nature, to die to self, and be reconciled to God. Until Jesus comes again, the Cross remains that solitary convicting witness beckoning to every man and woman on earth.           

May we always choose to identify with, and embrace the Cross.

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