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Symbolism In Woods

In our limited way, through symbolism in our wood, we attempt to convey some of the suffering and victory of the cross, to somehow be reminded of the sovereignty and power of God while grasping the humbleness of death, joy in the midst of sorrow, hope in the midst of despair. To somehow turn the terrifying cross of Calvary into the most encouraging sign ever given to man.

          The inlays and overlays in our products are symbols of either, "The blood of Christ that has washed away our sins and set uf free" Eph. 2:14, or the "light that has come into the world and delivered us from darkness" I John 2:8. We try to use the finest woods of His creation in their natural vivid colors.

          The blood red shades of Brazilian rosewood, bloodwood and kingwood representing the "Blood of Christ", the black shades of ebony, the "blackness of sin", the life and radiance of birdseye mable, satinwood and Oregon maple for the "light that overcomes the darkness", the heavily charachtered woods such as cocobolo, olive wood, dogwood, burl walnut and Carpathian elm for the "great struggle for mankind and character formed through tribulation"           

The spike cross is our effort to simulate in wood the look and feel of hand-hammered iron spikes the Roman solder must have used on Good Friday.           

Through His death, He alone remains the symbol of life.

 Images Of The Cross
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