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Our Story

Conversion is an awesome thing- virtually indescribable; if you've experienced it you understand. Perhaps in some ways it is similar to being in the center of a terrible hurricane, tornado, earthquake or flood; loosing all you thought was priceless and irreplacable- yet surviving- and living on to find "new and real" treasures in their place.

We both experienced this in the spring of 1977, having weighted ourselves down to the breaking in the pursuit of "the good life"; Jesus stepped into our path and offered us His Way, His Peace, Joy andFulfillment and a place in His Plan. It was instantly lifechanging and exhilirating and has been gaining momentum ever since.

Five years later, he profoundly redirected our work. After more than 25 years of high quality professional woodwork- first designing and building furniture and then years of designing and buliding luxury homes, He called us into designing and building crosses and woodworks to glorify Him. What a change!!

Since 1982 this has been our work and main opportunity to speak for Him, and He has blessed it. We have been privileged to work with many of the finest woods from around the world- extraordinary woods- over sixty species by now that make up our line of crosses. Through the years the crosses have "gone out"and are now hanging in various places around the world.

The Lord has allowed us to complete our twenty major church installations: designing and building the sanctuary furnishings; i.e. altars, pulpits, fonts, lecterns, altar rails, tabernacles, large crosses, and handcarved crucifixes. He has provided a facility where all our work from design through finish is done "in house" and shown in our showroom.

We also are honored to build a line of "elegantly simple" cherry caskets for Christian burial. Dozens of our Christian brothers and sisters have "gone to Glory" in them.

All of this is possible only through the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and their infinite mercy and grace over a God given gift. We offer it to you in hopes it will bless your life, your home or office and your journey.

It is through the cross that we find the abundant life and gain the strength needed to run the course.

In the love and service of Jesus and His truly priceless Cross.

Gary and Nancy Garner

 Images Of The Cross
Gary and Nancy Garner
2441 Lumpkin Road
Augusta, Georgia 30906

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